April 19, 2013

958-Pound Blue Marlin Caught by Alexandra Nuttall Off Kona, Hawaii (Photo)

958-pound blue marlin
Image credit: Monkey Biz II Sportfishing
A 958-pound billfish, caught by Alexandra Nuttall, is expected to set a new blue marlin world record.

Nuttall was able to catch the giant blue marlin during during her third and final day of a trip to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii with her boyfriend, Nick Durham.

The Australian angler was on-board the 38-foot Monkey Biz II of Chip van Mols when she landed the towering 958-pound blue marlin. It reportedly took 90 minutes before Nuttall finally put aside the record setting blue marlin.

Maria Tomainia's 950-pound blue marlin, caught in December 1994, currently holds the International Game Fish Association(IGFA) women’s record for 130-pound-test.

In an interview with Nuttall, the angler explained that "It was without a doubt one of the most exhilarating things that I have ever done. I fish a lot back home in Australia with my boyfriend, Nick. Although I have caught many sharks, ono, and ahi here at home, I have spent the last few years chasing my elusive first marlin."

According to van Mols, Nuttall "was kind of in shock. We usually let our marlin go but we were prepared to take a fish if we knew it had a shot at a record. So we got our flying gaffs out."

Nuttall described her record breaking catch,
It was a task dragging a huge marlin like that through the [vessel's] back door with only four people, but we managed.

The feeling that we may have gotten the world record only sunk in on our way back to the harbor. I don’t remember ever feeling the sort of happiness that I was feeling at that point.

IGFA will determine in a few weeks if Nuttall will get a line-class world record.